My stress receded a bit after a warm send off from our group of fellow adoptive parents.  We have a wonderful social worker who leads small groups of adoptive parents in parenting workshops.  We discuss how best to communicate the adoption story to our children as they climb the stages of emotional development.

I’ve known most of the members for 3 years.  We all adopted children from Ukraine at approximately the same time.  Some of the families have already adopted a second child.  Last night, they were all full of encouragement and good wishes.  It is so heartwarming that we have so many wonderful people in our lives who have supported us throughout this process.

We are so grateful to have them in our lives.  It is a good thing for Karen to have close friends who share her background.  It goes a long way towards helping her feel that she isn’t “the only one”.

The photo is of Karen with Ido.   He is her oldest friend. They met on their first weekend home from Ukraine.