With only two days left, I am completely immobilized.  What would I ever do without my wonderful husband.  He insisted that we pack our stuff last weekend.  True, we still have some last minute type stuff to shove into corners of our luggage, but the bulk of our things are ready.

I’m still deliberating on which of my quota of 3 books to bring.  Well, it won’t be 3, it will be 5.  The first two, our Russian – English dictionary/phrasebook and “Talking to Young Children about Adoption”, are mandatory and not part of my leisure reading.

From my experience last time, when we were in a fairly large city, it is not possible to obtain reading material in English unless you are in a major city like Kiev.  Last time, we had no tv in English, no videos and only the 3 novels and one adoption book (Attachment in Adoption) I brought.  I worked hard to read slowly.

I doubt I will be reading quite as much this time.  With Karen, I’m sure we will need to keep fairly busy.  I can’t imagine her cooped up in a tiny soviet-style apartment.  So many things we don’t know.  We don’t know what part of Ukraine we will be staying in because we do not yet know anything about the child we will adopt.  Living with uncertainty’s a bitch.