First, I can’t thank you all enough for all this fantastic support.  The comments warm our hearts and the remote help we are getting from friends in Israel, and even virtual friends who adopted from Pryluky a while back.  We would be stuck in our apartment eating nothing but boiled eggs if it wasn’t for our friends in Tel Aviv who  keep telling us where to go to find restaurants, shopping, groceries.  It’s like having a human GPS with us on Skype. 

TAL – We found the underground shopping center, and spent a couple of hours this morning there.  You know us, but this time we really are trying to get out as much as possible, at least during the window of 10 am to 3 pm when it is bearable outside.  You know it’s bad if Karen prefers to stay in :-)

Later today we get our paperwork for Pryluky, and I think we leave Kiev for Pryluky tomorrow morning. 

Drinking hot chocolate at the mall

Photos from the underground shopping center.  DH and Karen drinking hot chocolate.