PETA Advert

Now that we know we’ve got to settle in for a couple of days, we bundled up and went out prowling for food.  We are apparently in one of the most expensive areas of Kiev, Bessarabska neighborhood.  We found a huge supermarket that had some attractive victuals positioned between the shelves upon shelves of alcoholic beverages of all types and sizes.

We skipped the champagne and loaded up on rice, veggies, milk, yoghurt and some hot dogs for Karen.  So where does PETA figure in?  Well, you may already know that Kiev is full of beautiful women.  Side note: We passed a restaurant that our Director told us had a huge lobster tank, center stage. He left us to guess at what the tank held….If he’s to be believed, the tank holds two beautiful women who float around inside for the viewing pleasure of the feasting upper classes.

Right, back to PETA, I have never seen so many furs on human beings.  The women are beautiful and they manage to walk around town in knee-high boots with 5 inch heels and the most beautiful furs imaginable.  Some coats qualify as works of art.  I’m kind of glad that I’m not wealthy enough to have a dilemma re: the fur hats, coats, and peripherals.  My grandmother had offered to lend me her fur coat, saying that she knows very well what a Russian winter is like, but I decided to stick to my old, and slightly threadbare brown wool long coat from when I still lived back in the US.  It was good enough for our trip here 3 years ago. 

Snow Princess

It is MUCH colder this year, but I can still manage.  No reason to spend money on a coat I may use once every 5 years.  In Israel it is hard to even find a real winter coat outside of some specialty ski shops.  I’m really glad I brought my heavy duty Timberland boots.  They are saving me from losing a couple of toes.  Three years ago we were here in Jan-Feb, but it wasn’t nearly as cold as this week has been.

A photo of my snow princess, sans animal fur.