This is a great morning!  I loved reading your comments, especially Anat, I loved your description of Yuval’s Shabbat Hatan.  I wish we had been there.  I hope there is a photo of Shoshana’s Michael Jackson outfit!

The snow has stopped falling and I think I see a bit of sun peaking out behind the grey sky.

I see from the comments that I have neglected to tell you anything about our decisions.  Probably because any decision now is still not final.  We have decided that a boy will be great.  Unless things change by tomorrow, the boy we are going to see is 1.5 years old.  We are all very happy that we can adopt such a young child, which is rare these days in Ukraine.  Yes, I know we can’t depend on the opinions of a 5 year old, but you all know that Karen has strong opinions.  She made the switch to “brother” very quickly, especially when we told her he is the same age as LIAM (Anat, this will be FUN!)  And Tam, sounds like he will also be same age as Alex.  I can’t believe we will have two children, same age/same sex!  Maybe this is a sign that we should move to the Bay Area?  Or that you should move to Tel Aviv…… LOL

I will try to hold off on posting our timeline until it is official, in other words, after our appointment at the “Department” tomorrow which will give us a formal referral.