Our appointment went well today.   We now have a referral for a little boy in Lugansk.  His birthday is April 6, 2008.  He looked very cute in the photo and is listed as healthy but quiet.  Hmmm, now THAT will be a change for us – the quiet part.  Karen is a non-stop walking, talking dynamo.

We are taking a sleeper train to Lugansk (Luhansk).  It’s a 16 hour ride.  Karen is very excited.  Our doctor is expected to fly in shortly after we arrive to conduct complete physical and developmental examinations and blood tests.  It is the same early childhood development specialist who examined Karen 3 years ago.  We trust his judgement and professionalism.  I’m starting to get nervous at the idea of parenting 2 children.  I know it will be fine, but how on earth do you get  of them dressed and into car seats to go anywhere?  I thought it was a challenge with Karen alone!

Karen already told me she expects to cry when we meet him like she did when we met the girl.  She explained it was because she is afraid we will love him more.  Pretty advanced explanation and planning on her part.  I am surprised she’s letting us know ahead of time that she will be upset. We talked about it a bit today, and I’m sure we will do a lot more reassuring along the way.