It was now almost lunch time, but we really wanted a chance to spend some time with Slavi/Matan, so we returned to the baby home after filing some paperwork with the notary.  The notary office will soon become  a second home to us since Ukraine requires lengthy notarization for all legal papers.

When we returned, one of Matan’s caretakers directed us to a playroom.  After removing our shoes, Karen charged into the adjoining room with Matan close on her heels.  We followed them into a  huge room that was decked out for the children’s Christmas party. Christmas here is only on January 7th (Russian Orthodox).

One of the caretakers pointed us towards a piano, and opened it, indicating that the children could play.  I was amazed since such delicate and expensive items are usually off-limits to children.  With a huge grin, Karen started banging on the keys.  She quickly modified her style when I told her that we must play gently if we wanted them to allow us to continue playing.  Matan quickly followed her lead, and the three of us experimented with different keys for a few minutes.  Then they were both off looking for something more interesting.

After Karen played around with the camera a bit, they both dashed into the adjoining room to play with more toys.  Matan was thrilled to have me help him sit astride a “car”, while he experimented with rolling in different directions.   Between Karen and myself, we took a bunch of photos.  I tried picking out my favorites to share here.