Now that we moved to a decent location, we needed to find some fun stuff for Karen to do.  We checked with our facilitator, a mother herself, and she told us that everything had been closed down for over a month due to fears of Swine Flu.  Indeed, schools have been closed since early November and we rarely see children outside. 

As there were apparently no kiddie attractions, we decided, “lets go to the mall!”  We were thrilled to discover a classy  mall with a huge children’s store, and at the back, a really high quality gymboree with trampolines and other fun stuff.  There were only a few children there and the cost was only 2 USD for half an hour  Karen went wild!

At the far end of the kiddie store, we found a pizza restaurant.  The only cloud on a fantastic day was our trip to the ladies room of this classy joint.  No toilets.  Squat holes only.  Karen did fairly well with my help.  She only sprayed a fine misting on my jeans, although she managed a direct hit to my Timberlands.  Luckily, they are water resistant :-)