As we continue our visits to the baby home and spend 1-2 hours playing with Matan, we learn more about his likes, dislikes, and overall personality.  He’s not a big eater, we see that already.  On alternate days, I’ve brought mashed fruit, yoghurt and cookies.  One or two bites is usually all he’ll eat before turning his head away. 

Matan’s an easygoing little boy, and doesn’t make whining or complaining noises when he’s not happy, he simply turns away.  As some of you know, baby home children come with their own set of issues.  He rarely makes eye contact and doesn’t know how to suck on a bottle.  Staff feed them with large metal spoons. 

The book, “Attachment in Adoption” recommends giving children a bottle, even if they are as old as 7 years, since they were never nursed and never held closely and fed while making eye contact.  Matan did manage to suck on the bottle, twice, but he still prefers a cup and turns his head away from the bottle.  Karen drank out of her identical bottle in front of him to  show him how she does it.  Slowly, slowly….

The photo below shows him smiling, but  just looking off into the distance.  He’s still overwhelmed by all the attention and all the fun stuff to do in the special playrooms for foreigners.  Inway their own play areas, there isn’t much in the way of toys.