We will appear in court on Wednesday.  It should be interesting since our team here hasn’t prepared us at all.  When we had court for Karen’s adoption, our translator told us not to worry at all.  She would translate all the judge’s questions, and regardless of what we answered, she would “translate” the answer correctly.  In other words, we could say what we wanted and it would have no impact whatsoever.

Here, our team hasn’t been nearly as communicative with us, but I’m still confident that things will go well.  They have already met with the judge.  These things are usually just a formality.  

After court, we have a 10 day waiting period and then receive the official verdict.  It should then take us a couple of days to get Matan a Ukrainian passport, a new birth certificate listing us as his legal parents, and then…..off to Kiev where we get a visa to Israel for him.  The visa is usually a same day procedure.  Now that we are nearing the end, well, almost, I’m almost sorry it’s going to be over.  It has been really great spending all this time as a family, just the three of us, no work, no gan (pre-school) no friends, and no TV.  Just this lonely laptop.  Which brings me to the next issue.  Three of us sharing 1 laptop is not optimum.  Karen is having a fit now because she wants to play one of her games.  My time is over.  Later.