Today seemed like just another visit to the baby home.  Nothing to set it apart as something special now that we have the official ok to adopt Matan.  We brought baby food and bananas, but I forgot to bring a bottle for Karen, something that was to cause some inconvenience later on.  I need to keep in mind that anything he eats or that we bring for him, Karen will invariably NEED too.

Our regular playroom had just been wet-vacuumed, and the carpet was damp and smelled of chemicals, so we had to go into the larger, shared playroom.  No sooner had I begun feeding Matan, our room was invaded by his entire grupa of about 12 children.  I didn’t want to stop feeding him, but it quickly became apparent that we were a baby magnet, as all his friends converged and started trying to climb onto my lap at once. 

I put away the food until after their 45 minute play period.  The children were so excited to see a real “mama and papa”, and also to see a “big” girl, that they all wanted to be with us.  I did my best to integrate, and engage the children, even though it was clearly disturbing to both Matan and Karen.  I got my first glimpse of what constitutes a tantrum for Matan.  He arched his back, throwing himself, back-of-the-head first, onto the floor. Although this didn’t include all out screaming, I expect his behavior will likely become more extreme once we leave the baby home.

I’m very grateful for the comments and suggestions.   Tamar’s description of 16 hours straight of screaming toddler has convinced us to fly back to Kiev.  It also helped to read that Michal flew an internal flight in winter and is still here to tell about it.

In case you missed it, I’m planning to repost much of Tamar’s comment on the benefits of regressing baby home adoptees to the bottle.