First, the video from our visit today:

And now, some advice, please.  Karen’s 5th birthday was yesterday.  We promised her a party after we get settled in back  home.  She really wants to have a pajama party.

We want to keep it small for several reasons.  From past experience, she is easily overwhelmed and her last birthday party with only about 7 kids included at least 2 tearful tantrums.

We live in a typically small Tel Aviv flat and we don’t have room to invite her entire class of 35.  In fact, we don’t even have room to invite all the  girls.   I was originally planning to invite only her closest girlfriends from gan (5-6).  But she also wants to invite some of the boys, so I was thinking we can have as many as 10 of her best friends from gan.   But this means that we exclude a lot of children, and other moms have told me that this is may be seen as rude.

In addition, I would prefer to hire someone to engage the kids, perhaps with some magic tricks or other activities.  One party we attended had the kids dipping cookies in melted chocolate, I like that!  I would also LOVE to have a pinata, but can’t find any vendors who ship to Israel, so we may try making our own.

Karen is expecting a pajama party and a living room full of mattresses (not a sleepover, just pajama themed).  Apart from that, anything goes.  I’d love input and ideas.  References for a “mafila” (clown or person who referees the party) would also be much appreciated.