As in, Karen and Matan bonding.  Today we had a wonderful visit to the baby home.  The lady in charge of the room encouraged us to let the kids play the piano, and here’s the result:

Karen built a house out of pillows, stuffed animals and blocks for Matan. He was more impressed when she carted him around in a small car.  

Karen and Matan

Here they are “bonding”

I continue to be impressed with the staff at the baby home.  It seems that the playroom we use for our visits also serves as a special playroom for different groups of children on alternate days. Today the doctor brought in three handicapped children who can’t walk, and get around by using their arms to propel themselves.  The children were incredibly happy to be in the big room, and when the woman who is responsible for the room put on some music, they all started to “dance” with their upper bodies. 

The doctor and his assistant brought out some play musical instruments, and the children enjoyed trying out different sounds.  Caring and affection were clearing visible in the eyes of the doctor and assistant. We sat with the children, and they seemed to enjoy our company.  When we first began our visits, Karen showed a great deal of fear around some of the handicapped children, but she has come a long way, and today she sat with them and played the xylophone together with them.  They seemed especially happy to have a “big” girl play with them.

We hope to take custody of Matan and leave Lugansk in about 10 days….