I friend of mine just emailed me about a post from the FRUA list (FRUA – Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, or something like that).  Apparently, Ukraine cannot issue new passports at this time, and maybe not until end of February due to budet problems.

I checked with our agency director and he is aware of the rumor, but told me he is still trying confirm what is going on.  I’m sure our embassy will find a way to issue Israeli passports or at least travel papers for people in our situation.  I hope….. 

From the FRUA forum:

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A family friend of ours is in Kiev right now. They were expecting to get their child’s passport this week and get ready to come home, but got trapped in Kiev indefinitely. Those are “pieces” of the email we got:

“This morning we learned that the Ukrainian Passport Agency will not be issuing passports for the foreseeable future. Why? The Ukrainian government is broke and has not paid the company that makes its passport covers. The passport cover company has shut off the government and is refusing to supply it with any more covers. No covers, no passports. No passports, no visas. And without a passport and visa we cannot take our son out of the country and so we, or at least 2 of the 3 of us, are trapped here indefinitely. So, we’re living our own version of “Casablanca”–with all of the adoptive families trying to get hold of the letters of transit. The only difference is that unlike Casablanca Kiev is freezing. We have no idea how long this may go on. One of our facilitators has told us that a rumor he heard is that passports will not be issued before the end of February; another is telling us that it may be sooner. Nobody really knows. We are doing what we can on this end: asking for help from the embassy…”

Lets pray that it get resolved and those families bring their kids home soon!!!