The temperature is way below zero and we’re stuck in a remote corner of one of the poorest countries in Europe.  It’s starting to feel a bit like “The Shining” in our apartment.

These Eyes

DH grumpy and remote, me lying around and occasionally trying to put on a faux cheerfulness and Karen laughing hysterically at a DVD she’s already watched a hundred times this month-and never laughed at before.

What can possibly be that hysterically funny in “Sound of Music” anyway?  At least she’s not talking to her finger and DH isn’t typing his name repetitively, but if I hear any backwards  words coming out of either of them, even if it ain’t REDRUM, I’ll call the local exorcist.

“Hey. Wasn’t it around here that the Donner Party got snowbound?”

If you haven’t seen “The Shining”, do so.  Jack Nicholson at his creepiest best.  I actually screamed out loud in the theater the first time I saw it.  DO NOT watch it when you are staying in a remote ski chalet with only your loved ones for company.