I wish I could write all about it, but I’m at a loss.  I know we have legal custody of Matan and that we’ve completed all the paperwork.  I also understand that there is no problem in creating his passport.  However, for some reason that is a complete mystery to me, we cannot obtain that passport.

Poor Karen has been here now for over a month.  I’m getting really worried about her.  She’s not  talking about being worried, or asking questions about what’s going on.  Karen is queen of all que stions, relevent or not so.  We spoke to our agency director, and I told him I was ready to fly home with her this evening, unless we get some clarity. He said, just wait one more day….and so it goes.

DH went out in the below freezing temps to buy groceries and suddenly, our translator calls.  “We will be there in 2 minutes, we need one of you with both passports, immediately”.  Great.  We have one key to the apartment.  Karen and I are in PJs, and DH is grocery shopping.  I explained that he would be back shortly, momentarily even.  Surprise, as he walks in the door!  I called her back, “He’s here.  He’s on his way back downstairs”.

This is a great development.  It means that something is moving forward.  I have no idea yet what.  When DH gets back, I’ll update with any new info he can provide.