Lots to post, but kind of hard with 2 young children and one 41 y.o. to take care of until we are finally out of here.  We are actually quite comfortable in our 2 rm apt.  Here are two photos of the view from our apartment.

View from our apartment in Kiev

You can see that in spite of the snow, it’s very sunny, unlike the 90% of our time Ukraine when it was just cold and grey.   Most of the buildings in the center of town could easily date back to WWII, and it’s hard not think of Babi Yar when you walk around, but that is a topic for another post.

There are also newer, Soviet, structures, that are blocky, large and utilitarian.  Then we have the buildings of the “New Ukraine”, like this lovely building in the second photo.

View of the new structure in our classic old neighborhood

But enough about buildings, here are photos of the kids!Karen is excited to finally have a “baby”, and all she wants to do is touch him and pick him up. She isn’t the gentlest of young ladies, so we need to supervise carefully. She “helped” me feed him today, which she thoroughly enjoyed, even if he was less than thrilled. He likes to have the food literally shovelled into his mouth. He’s been eating a lot, at least 4 full meals a day. I’m wondering at what point it is too much. Any of my international adoption buddies with experience of how much is too much ?

You can see from the thumbnail that Matan looks like he isn’t quite sure if he’s having fun yet.

Big kids watching Saba Tuvia