Matan meets my Safta

Ahhhhhh, such a soft landing. My inlaws re-arranged the apartment, stocked our home with food, and Matan is wonderful, such a good and happy little boy.

I’m still in a “zone” stage. I just take care of him, and my husband runs all the errands to get our life back in place and complete the paperwork we need here for Matan to get health insurance, etc. I haven’t even called work yet (note to self – to do).  Karen went back to school today.

Karen has a lot of celebrations coming up.  We missed her birthday while we were away, so now she’ll be having birthday parties once we get settled in.  Her ganenet is giving her a surprise, welcome home party from the kids at kindergarden.  She also just got a boxload of late Hanukka gifts that my mom sent last month, but which didn’t arrive until the day after we left.  So she’s the one getting all the gifts.  I don’t actually need any gifts for Matan at this point.  Anything he plays with makes him happy.  I hope this attention keeps her from feeling  much jealousy.   She enjoys playing with him some of the time.  She is still a bit rough with him, and is always trying to pick him up, but she also feels responsible for him.  This morning she said to me, as if explaining to a child, “But Ima, he just doesn’t understand”

We are all getting used to this new life. I’m very, very lucky.  It’s sunny and warm, feels like spring outside. Poor Matan’s eyes have rarely, if ever, seen direct sunlight, and it totally disorients him. Photos to come.

And yes, I do want to keep blogging.  This has been a great experience.

Karen, before going to gan this morning