Nothing could have prepared me for the maternal energy flowing thru me.  It feels wonderful, and totally new to me.

When we brought Karen home, we were both too freaked out about suddenly becoming parents to a rebellious 2 year old.  Friends who know Karen, know that she is incredibly warm and loving, but she’s not always easy.  She was rebellious from the beginning, even when we visited her twice a day to play with her at the baby home in Kremenchuk.

The interaction between Karen and Matan is really great.  Last night she “read” him a bedtime story.  She sat with the book, and made up the text as well as she remembered.

Today her class threw her a welcome home party.  One of the teachers adores Karen.  She organized the party, and all the kids got to ask Karen questions about what it was like in Ukraine.  She managed to get through it very maturely, even though she seemed a bit nervous at first.  At least this time she participated, unlike at some of the school parties where even though she was great in all the rehearsals, she doesn’t want to perform in front of too many people – 35 kids and their attending parents.

The kids really missed her, and her “adventure” has made her an attractive property.  Now everyone suddenly wants to be her friend.  Apparently Ukraine has become a wonderful fantasy location to the kids at Gan Asaf.  They think that the “Ukraine is made up of lots of snow”. “It’s so cold you need to hurry up”.  And they all know that there is a GREAT gymboree there with trampolines and other cool kiddie stuff.

With Matan, watching his sensory realization grow is so interesting.  We are slowly, slowly, introducing people and places nearby.  1 day of sensory stimulation and then a 1 day break quietly at home.  Today he stayed home, but had to deal with me being gone for 2 chunks of time – to attend Karen’s party and to run an errand.  DH said he missed me a lot and got fussy.  He was a bit fussy all evening after I got home to feed him and put him to sleep.  He was already showing signs of being hungry at 5:30-6 so we tried to feed him a banana, but he didn’t really want that.  I fed him at 7pm, the same time he ate at the baby home each day.  He ate up a storm, and love the blended, cooked vegetable base I used to add a broken up meatball and some rice to make a thick meal for him.  My MIL is coming to visit and meet him on Saturday.  She’s bringing us a second installment of the foods he likes that she cooked – her meatballs and the vegetable soup I use to bind it all.

Welcome Home Party

Today’s photo is from the surprise party her classmates threw for her.  I took long videos and tried to capture most of the event so DH could see how mature she was throughout.  She didn’t fidget too much, and apart from some initial nerves, mostly seemed to enjoy the event.  It was really moving to see her friends come up and offer her their blessings/congratulations.  I can’t post the videos, too much, too heavy, and probably mostly of interest to us and great material for her bat-mitzva!