First, thank you Dana for posting your soup recipes! We’re eating a lot of soup these days. Matan eats anything with a mushy consistency. Got any pie recipies? I’ve been suffering from a terrible sweet cravings, especially the sweet-sour of an apple and cranberry pie with lots of cinnamon, that sort of thing is making me drool. I tried to satisfy it in Ukraine when I saw a cherry pie at McDonalds. It looked perfect, but had that plasticy aftertaste that makes you realize why they only cost a buck.

Matan is such an easy child to be with compared to our experience with Karen at the same stage. Obviously, it helps that we were more prepared, emotionally this time. We think its a combination of two very different personalities and also very different levels of QOC (quality of care) in the baby homes.

Karen was rebellious from the beginning, and very standoff-ish, physically. Unlike many baby home children, she didn’t throw herself into the arms of the first smiling adult she saw. Her baby home was no where near the level of his, both in terms of facilities, and warmth from the caretakers.

Matan easily makes, and maintains eye contact with me. He enjoys pleasant sensory stimulation, and always wants to be held and pampered. Karen didn’t want to be held or helped if she could help it. One of her favorite phrases was, “me, alone (I WILL do it myself)”

He experienced warmth from his caretakers, something that really impressed me at his baby home. I’m really glad that Karen got to spend time there because it means she has developed a positive view of her early life.

They’re sleeping now. She’s going to bed much more easily than ever before. She’s tries her best to keep quiet so as not to disturb Matan. It’s unbelievable how much of a maternal instinct she exhibits with him. Having him join our family has brought a new, and very positive balance to our family relationships. Matan brings out the maternal instinct in almost everyone. He’s pretty amazing that way