Yes, Jono, I’d love the recipe. But pashtida sounds a bit fancy compared to the healthy (and easily blended) mush he’s been consuming.

Matan is still this little person who lives with us, but whom we don’t completely understand, and who has no ability to conceive of what we will become to him.

At this point, we are fairly benign caretakers. He still packs away food as if he’s never quite sure if I’ll remember to feed him at his regular time. In between the 3 main meals of the day, he gets Materna cereal/milk replacement.

His three main meals consist of breakfast, made up of a packet of oatmeal with milk and Materna added. It comes out to quite a lot. Sometimes he finishes all of it. If he leaves any over, he’ll usually finish it up by 10 am, when he’s ready for a snack of Materna cereal (a rather revolting looking whitish mush which DH cannot even look at, let alone feed Matan with it), with either fruit, or yogurt on the side. Banana is our fruit of choice. If DH needs to take over a meal, he switches to yogurt and banana instead of the Materna.

Lunch and dinner usually consist of puree of cooked vegetables mixed with rice and crumbled up meatballs or shredded chicken. It all mixes together into a rather plastery consistency. Think Cholent, but blended :-)

And yes, he does manage a life outside of his every 2 hour whine to eat something, just not a very active one. Going out to new places is very stressful for him. I remember how Karen went into shock, and I want to take it really easy with him. He somehow doesn’t seem quite as strong as Karen, but maybe not as sensitive as her either. It is strange watching our reactions throughout this massive change to all our lives.

Beside me, on our “home” computer with big screen, we are running a slide show of our photos from Ukraine. It seems like an adventure that is, thankfully, behind us now. The new adventure will be how we move forward as a family. Matan is a very different child from Karen and we still need to learn about his needs and preferences. He’s been upset these last two days, and we aren’t sure if he finally realizes “this is it” and he’s stuck with us. I think it’s more likely that some of his missing teeth are coming in.

Matan seems much less developed than Karen was. Then again, she was about 5 months older than him when we first brought her home. She went into shock and stopped eating and drinking. That was much more scary. Even with a short visit to the emergency medical center this weekend, everything about being with Matan seems laid back. Tomorrow is his first visit with his new pediatrician. I plan to ask for a full blood work up, including iron and ferrin, especially since he was listed as anemic. I’m also thinking to ask about getting physical therapy for him. His muscles seem so weak compared to how I remember Karen when she was younger.