Someone stole my little angel and replaced him with a demoniacly kvetching toddler. Having a suspected lung infection or pneumonia may have something to do with it. He’s constantly tired and whining. He want’s to be held all the time, but usually tries squirming away just as you begin to find a comfort spot. At least he’s eating any mush I put in front of him. Chicken soup with LOTS of vegetables tastes just great for lunch and dinner. Blended gives him all the vegees that Karen won’t touch. Consomme only for my little girl.

Poor Matan has been sick since last weekend, when he first began coughing. On our third visit to the doctor this week, and after Matan had shown a low fever, we finally got a ‘script for antibiotics. His cold symptoms and fever began disappearing within 24 hours of the first dose. Karen’s been carrying on her coughing, but with no other complaints. Her inhaler helps a bit, and so does sleeping on a raised pillow.

I hope to announce some exciting news regarding this blog within the next few days.