One amazing thing about Matan is his strong desire to feel, and sense any new thing he comes across. Part of it is his stage of development, but he seems to take a huge amount of pleasure in simple sensory actions.

Matan picking pieces of grass for further sensory exploration

He loves walking in the park. His favorite part is getting out of the stroller and trying to walk in the grass, up and down hill, and putting his face directly into a clump of grass that looks particularly lush and green. Sometimes he just likes to sit in the grass and select interesting greenery for further examination.

One of his favorite activities for me to pick him up and hug and dance around with him and then dump him on my feather bed. He likes me to tickle him by running something soft and furry around his tummy. We have a fur collar that has officially become his tickler, but if it’s not around, he’ll be happy enough if I just blow on his hair and tickle his belly lightly. Sometimes he just lies back and pulls up his shirt, pointing to his tummy and indicating he wants me to tickle him there. This is a great activity to do about an hour before going to sleep so he doesn’t get too over excited by the tickling to fall asleep, yet is still able to take those great feelings to sleep with him.