Matan smiling in spite of the GiardiaI was trying to decide if it was ok to write a post on the singular topic of my son’s GI system. Well, actually if we look at it historically, then it is about my son and daughter’s GI systemS. I decided it’s my blog, so I can talk about their poop all I like. I just hope that this post is lost in the outer web sphere in 10 years time, when they may actually begin looking up what I wrote about them early on.

Happily, Matan seemed in much better shape than Karen when it came to poop. It took us a whole year to get her diagnosed and treated. This time, I asked our pediatrician to do a FULL workup, not the several tests he did on Karen that showed no problems. I specifically requested Giardia and anything else that Flagyl kills, since we never got a firm diagnosis on Karen, just found that after the Flagyl, her poop became “normal”. When we were getting her tested, the dr. suggested that what I saw as diarrhea was actually just mushed poo, which is how all poo looks if it’s been sitting in a diaper.

Today I picked up Matan’s lab report on recent blood work. Seeing the results, I decided to quickly drop in for a surprise visit to the pediatrician. Positive for Giardia explains why his poop smelled so rank, and why it looked like regurgitated dinner. Granted, Matan doesn’t chew yet, and is eating mostly mush, but anything semi-solid seemed to come out looking almost completely undigested.

The good news is that he’s gained at least a kilo since we brought him home, and he’s also grown 6 centimeters, at least, based on the numbers we got from our doctor who examined Matan at the baby home. The size of his head has also increased by 1.5 cm. I was so excited to learn about the increase in hight, but then DH reminded me that some growth would have occurred naturally, even at the baby home. Still, it is almost a month since we brought him home, and I’d like to think that we are having a positive affect on his growth. Based on how much the kid is eating, it’s gotta be going somewhere, and not ALL of it is coming out his butt.