Alive with the sound of an air exercise, or something. These things always make me nervous, especially with summer on the way. As a child and young adult, I lived mostly in the US, and spent summers in Tel Aviv. It was almost inevitable that the heat of summer brought out the belligerency on our northern border, usually the one with Lebanon.

Almost inevitably, I would buy my ticket to spend a month or two soaking up the sun on the Tel Aviv beaches, and the next thing I heard, Katyusha rockets were flying across our border with Lebanon. This always brought on the question from friends who had never visited Israel, “are you sure this is a good time to visit?”. If I didn’t know better, I would have missed out on some of the best summers of my teen years.

Now I’m reading that Hizbollah is nervous, which makes Israel nervous, which in turn makes Syria nervous. Nothing like a bunch of nervous Middle Easterners to “accidentally” start a border incident that could lead to months of fighting.

But today we are playing a different game altogether. Tel Aviv is no longer a safe haven from Hizbollah rockets, and maybe not even from Gaza rockets. Nor can we rule out the possibility of unconventional rockets being launched. Scary when you have not only yourself to worry about, but two small children and a 90 year old grandmother to look after.

While I can arrange US visas for everyone, my grandmother is too old to fly. She refused to do so in the past, and now, practically bed-bound, there is no way I can even take her out of Tel Aviv. She certainly has no airplanes in her future.