Watching one of my all time favorites today. Almost every line is still appropriate, maybe even more so than in 1973 when the movie was first released. So much of what is attributed to Jesus and his followers and their political situation can be seen, albeit from a different perspective, in today’s seemingly interminable bloodletting in the Holy Land.

I love Andrew Lloyd Webber, and I will always consider this his best ever.

When you hear the line, “We are occupied, Have you forgotten how put down we are” and then you see the “Roman” soldiers who look eerily like Israeli soldiers and carry Uzi rifles, it’s impossible not to draw parallels, ones which I’m sure Tim Rice did not intend when he wrote the original lyrics.

Warnings from Judas:
Listen Jesus, do you care for your race?
Don’t you see we must keep in our place?
We are occupied
Have you forgotten how put down we are?
I am frightened by the crowd
For we are getting much too loud
And they’ll crush us if we go too far
If we go too far

Listen Jesus to the warning I give
Please remember that I want us to live
But it’s sad to see our chances weakening with ev’ry hour
All your followers are blind
Too much heaven on their minds
It was beautiful, but now it’s sour

And the practical advice of Simon:
Christ, what more do you need to convince you
That you’ve made it, and you’re easily as strong
As the filth from Rome who rape our country,
And who’ve terrorized our people for so long

But add a touch of hate at Rome.
You will rise to a greater power.
We will win ourselves a home.
You’ll get the power and the glory
For ever and ever and ever
You’ll get the power and the glory
1973 movie clip
And finally, Caiaphas warning of End Times (kinda)
I see bad things arising
The crowd crown him King
Which the Romans would ban
I see blood and destruction
Our elimination because of one man
Blood and destruction
Because of one man