Ok, one might wonder why I am so crazy about Jesus Christ Superstar. I mean, you don’t expect it to be spectacularly popular in Israel. But then, I saw it in the US. The movie is occasionally shown in Israel, but I haven’t heard of a local stage production.

I have enjoyed several of Andrew Lloyd Webbers productions, but Superstar has always been my favorite. Apart from the fantastic music, even better lyrics and great choreography, I like the type of Jesus portrayed in the rock opera version of the story of Christ.

No, I’m not a Christian since I have no faith in the divinity of the man, but I do have a great deal of interest in many of his messages. There have been so many wise teachers through the ages, but many of their messages have been lost. From what is left to us today, I believe that Christ and the Buddha were both wonderful teachers of an ethical path, ones that I like to think that I at least occasionally try to implement, despite my existing natural obstructions. Like, I find ‘turn the other cheek’ thingie kind of hard….I’m also just not “deep” enough. I love Ken Wilbur, but he is a bit hard for me to follow at times. Maybe I’m just a lazy thinker.