Our daughters age 3

Our daughters, age 3

My younger sister and her family arrive tomorrow for 10 days in Israel. We are very close, and I think she may be the person who knows me best in the whole world.

Call it karma, fate or the will of a higher power, but my sister and I have had an strangely, twin-like life. I am older by 2 years, yet by university our lives were taking an almost eerily similar path. We had joined the same sorority and were both majoring in Journalism, although I was focused on public relations and she was intent on studying advertising, if I’m not mistaken. At our college bar, the ‘Vous, the bouncer called us the terror twins, and so people began thinking we were twins, even though we look nothing alike. My sister was an excellent student and started university almost 2 years early. Since I lost a year for studying abroad, we were both set to graduate within 1 semester of each other.

From there our life took seemingly very different directions. She went for her MBA and I completed law school. Who would have guessed that today we would be working in similar positions and have children who are all exactly matched in terms of age and gender even though we live half a world apart, with her in San Francisco and me in Tel Aviv.

She first gave birth to her daughter. I later adopted Karen. Both girls were born just 30 days apart.

YaYa cousins. Cracking each other up even though they don't speak the same language. Age 3. They kind of look like my sister and I, many years ago.

After we adopted Karen, my sister and her husband decided to adopt a son from Russia. They brought their son home last autumn. We were already in the process of our second adoption and planned to adopt a girl. Things change and we ended up with our son, Matan, instead. My sister’s son and mine were both born in April 2008!

We now have 2 children each, both matched as almost identical pairs!