Granted, there have been many affairs in Dubai, but I’d like to focus on the now “old news” of the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. I didn’t get a chance to write about this when it was “hot” news due to more important issues (to me).

While I haven’t read every single detail of this unfolding saga, I have a hard time believing it was a Mossad operation. I admit that I’m no expert on the Mossad, but I have read articles comparing the number of Israeli agents to the number of agents of other leading intelligence agencies.

What doesn’t make sense to me is the sheer number of agents who were caught on tape. I’m gonna assume that there must have been a few extras who weren’t on tape, maybe local “sayanim”, so that increases the number even more. From all the material I have read other agencies like the CIA and MI6 tend to employ a far greater number of agents.

I mean, when a team was sent on an ill-fated mission to assassinate an innocent waiter in Lillehammer, there probably less than 10 agents involved. Six were caught. Granted, that mission was a failure both because the wrong person was killed, and also because the agents were caught and their methods uncovered, but it gives some indication of the number of agents necessary for a mission. I just can’t imagine Mossad actually using almost 30 agents on a single mission.

Then there is the international reaction of countries whose passports were apparently forged. The Brits expelled a mid level diplomat, the Australians and others sent teams here to investigate. I thought that Ha’aretz published an interesting timeline the other day, but was unable to find the link today. It seems that most of the countries involved made a show of “doing something”, but really didn’t do much at all.

Most Israelis seem to believe it is Israel, and even if not, no one seems to mind Israel taking responsibility. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an American operation using some Mossad tactics. Maybe even a multinational operation. I am more interested in exactly what al-Mabhouh was up to in Dubai. I’m sure there were a lot of groups with reasons to want him dead.