We are halfway through the holiday and already sniping at each other. Is it because the kids have been home for much of the last week? Or can we blame it on our empty stomachs since we all, except Matan, seem to have a serious lack of appetite, apparently brought on by Passover guilt. Fortunately, Matan is immune, and has been eating his usual ~5 meals a day.

The whole issue of “hametz” and Passover seems to me to be a little overdone. I mean no offense to those who maintain Passover Kashrut, but it seems like a stretch to me. I mean, don’t Jews have enough dietary restrictions already? Now add in a 10 day period where you can’t eat (or buy), any bread, pasta or even beer. All because our apparent forefathers had to bake their bread quickly in the desert while escaping from Pharoah. Now we eat only unleavened bread to remember their suffering in the desert. So, no beer. Makes sense, right?