Yesterday was a very good day for all of us. Matan met with the developmental specialist (MD) at the Center for Child Development. We were originally scheduled for a July appointment, but they have been wonderful about getting things moving quickly for us so that Matan doesn’t get left too much behind.

The doctor spent more than an hour evaluating him, and then another 30-45 minutes talking to me. She believes that his motor skills are a little behind, but not much. Her main concern is improving his language skills to enable better communication. From my experience with Karen, I know that the ability for us to communicate was one of our biggest hurdles in her overall development.

I used the opportunity to also discuss Karen’s issues with the doctor, and she said that we should submit paperwork that includes her name as recommending that Karen be seen. We are now in the process of getting the paperwork completed by Karen’s teacher so we can submit it and start evaluations of Karen. I think they will be able to address her late emotional development. The only issue is how long it will take to get her the necessary appointments and diagnosis. There is usually a 4-6 month wait list. But we have seen how quickly things moved with Matan once he had been seen by the physical therapist. She got everything expedited for him. I hope we get so lucky with Karen too.

Meanwhile, I spoke with our social worker, who has been ill, but will be returning to counseling and will see Karen in 10 days. She is also going to speak with one of Karen’s teachers who has indicated a strong desire to work with the social worker to help Karen. Mind you, this is not Karen’s primary teacher. That woman showed little to no interest in working with our social worker. This afternoon teacher has actually begged me to point her in the direction of someone who can help her help Karen.

I have decided that Karen’s bad behavior in school/gan will not be punished at home. We will talk about it, but I will no longer deny her visits with friends or other after school activities. I want her to maintain as much social contact as possible, even if it is only with the one or two girls who haven’t complained to their parents that Karen hit them, at least not recently.