Wanna know what it is REALLY like to live in Tel Aviv? Here is a great ARTICLE

I could have written the opening paragraph:

Here’s the answer to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Not two but three states: Israel, Palestine, and Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is already a world of its own. Nowhere else in Israel—in the entire Middle East—has such a hedonistic lifestyle, tolerant mentality, and spirited gay and lesbian community. No wonder its nickname, half self-ironic jest, half jealous sneer, is Ha-Buah, The Bubble. I have been visiting Tel Aviv for thirty years, since I was a teenager, and something always draws me back.

Yep, I also spent my teenage summers baking on the sands of Tel Aviv’s beaches.  We partied until late at night in clubs that no longer exist, having long since made way for newer and hipper places that stay open until morning.

Update: I really enjoyed reading Mo-ha-med’s posts about his visit to Tel Aviv.  It is fascinating to see this city through the eyes of an Egyptian.  You can find a list of his  posts from his trip to Israel in the margin of his blog, The Traveller Within