Mmmm, long hair!

Here I am, wasting time online when DH took both kids to the playground located across the street from our building. They are visible from our living room window.  We have at least 8 other playgrounds within walking distance of our apartment, so even if we get lazy and fail to make weekend plans, we still have plenty of options in terms of taking them outside and letting them expend some of the energy that builds up in them after more than an hour or two housebound.

This is part of the beauty of living in Tel Aviv.  Life here is so child friendly that you often see older elementary school children riding the bus.  Children Karen’s age (5+) are usually accompanied by an adult to one of the playgrounds, but are then let free to roam anywhere that doesn’t involve crossing a street.  That leaves an enterprising and adventurous little girl to explore wooded areas around the parks.

We really are fortunate to have parks that you can walk in, bike around, and take children to play.  Even though we do live in a condo, with no yard of our own, we make ample use of the public park behind our building for cookouts and picnics.

This is just an intro to more photos, since that seems to be what most people who come here want to see.