Teaching Matan iPhone games

Another exciting weekend at our place. The kids have been having fun, fun, fun, and still they whine and complain!

Tonight Matan was tired, and perhaps felt alone, not getting any direct attention for a few minutes, so he started banging his head on the floor. He did that during the first week or 2 home, but I haven’t seen it in a long time. I have heard him doing it once or twice within the last 2 months, when he wasn’t happy about bedtime. We seem to have resolved that issue by putting him to bed at the same time as Karen. He doesn’t feel like his missing as much if she’s missing “it” too.

We are very fortunate that the two of them really seem to care about each other. Even our social worker mentioned that Karen seems very tied up in Matan’s welfare. Apparently, she has a general worry that “something” will happen to him.

Matan is now saying a few words, but is somewhat confused by hot and cold, calling them both “hot”. In the beginning, he was confused between “light” and “hot”, since most lamps are hot. But he’s learning and now says “light” and “hot” a lot. Sounds like he’s just practicing saying the words, but I think he’s really excited to say words and have us understand him. He’s excited to be able to communicate.

We had friends over this weekend and their daughter was adopted from Ukraine over a year ago. She apparently still has problems chewing, so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much that Matan eats much better when his food is pureed than when it is simply cut into small pieces.