Alan Dershowitz writes an excellent article supporting the legality of Israel’s actions. He directly addresses the piracy issue by quoting international law on blockades. Apparently, Israel was within its rights to make efforts to turn back a ship whose stated purpose was to break the blockade. Next issue, the legality of the blockade.

Personally, I doubt that world opinion will change much towards Israel regardless of whether Gaza gets more supplies or not. It is already an established “fact” in the pro-Palestinian mythology that Israel salivates over any opportunity to use force. In reality, Israel usually makes attempts to avoid violence. The Israelis I know also abhor violence, but they do value the relative security enjoyed since Gaza was closed off.

Let’s also not forget that Israel is not alone in the blockade. Egypt also maintains strict controls over the entry and exit of people and goods via their border. I wonder what would have happened if the flotilla had entered Egyptian territorial waters.

I support Dershowitz’s opinion that Israel’s actions, while they may be legal, were still stupid. Not that I expect to be enlightened with operational secrets, but why on earth did this have to happen in international waters?

I do agree with the criticism from friends who have pointed out that Israel transfers huge amounts of humanitarian aid each week. The goods supposedly found on the ships were not any different than aid that is sent through the border crossing with Gaza on a regular basis and in much larger quantities then the ships contained. The ships were full of activists. Apparently not much room remained for the actual aid supplies.

What most worries me is Israel’s position vis a vis other western nations. There is so much hate already towards Israel, this action certainly wasn’t helpful. Then again, as so many have pointed out, they’re gonna hate us anyway. This just gives a more current excuse.

It’s going to be a long hot summer….