Great news, Matan got accepted to our first choice for day care this coming year! In general, both kids are doing well.  I’m almost worried of the Evil Eye if I write about how good things appear to be.  Yes, the Levant with it’s primal superstitions, has a way of getting under your skin, no matter how hard you try to maintain a rational mind.

Matan is growing like crazy and is starting to look like a giant baby.  There is still something very young about him, but his size now appears normal for his age group.  He understands most things said to him.  He points to body parts when I say their name.  He has a repertoire of words, although many of them come out of his mouth sounding the same.   Although he is being followed by the Center for Child Development, he isn’t actually getting any therapy there, just general conversations with me where they recommend certain kinds of play for him.

Today Karen finished up her “academic” year at gan.  Next week she starts a two week gymnastics day camp.  Ends at 1, so it will be a rough 2 weeks for me, but I’ll manage somehow.  She was in gymnastics once a week for the past year, and seems to really like it.  Her instructor thinks Karen has talent and recommended the camp.  Karen does really well with this instructor because she is just the right mix of tough and caring that Karen respects.  I’m only sorry that her instructor won’t be at the day camp.

So we end this year on a positive note.  We have plans for most of the summer, although I’ll still need special energy reserves to get me through the longer days with both of them.  Other moms told me going to the pool helps. I’m afraid of Karen’s independence there.  She’s a good swimmer, but I have to keep my eyes glued to her to make sure she doesn’t take her arm floats off. She can swim, but can’t float or dog paddle when she gets tired.  Keep my eyes on her, while holding Matan most of the time.  He’s still a little intimidated by the pool, even the baby wading pool.

Many pictures, I’ll put them under a separate post.