This is turning out to be such an exciting summer. I thought we were just sending Karen to a gymnastics camp, but it turns out she’s working out with members of the national gymnastics team. She is one of the youngest, with girls as old as sixth grade. Almost all the girls are already in elementary school. Karen starts kindergarten in September. She really seems to enjoy spending half her day there. We told her she could go back to her regular summer camp with her friends at preschool, but she prefers at least 2 weeks of playing with the big girls.

When she started complaining of a headache this week, I assumed she was dehydrated and pushed her to drink, but the headaches continued. Took her to the pediatrician but he gave her the all clear, and said she wasn’t even dehydrated. Apparently, she’s just suffering from stiff muscles and over-exertion. She’s not used to a 4 hour workout at national league standards and combined with daily visits to the pool in the late afternoon, she is literally wiped out.

Karen has always had a very high energy level, which is why this sudden headache complaint surprised me. I guess that even for Karen, national league workouts are tough…..I’m soooooo proud of her.

Matan is doing well, although he seems to be getting frustrated with his lack of speech. He tries to say things, and when no one understands him, he gets mad and makes hitting motions with his hand. Recently he’s also started hitting both me and Karen. He’s scared of DH. Karen also hit and bit in the beginning. I hope this is a short lived phase for him. The good part is that at least he’s talking, even if he’s still difficult to understand. He goes back for speech therapy evaluation next week.

Enjoy the old clip from last summer. Next post, photos. I promise!