It finally happened. The fateful question, once released, will be forever lodged in my memory.

Today a woman saw me with Matan and asked, “Are you the mother or the grandmother?”. I was too shocked to think of a creative reply.

Last year a girlfriend (45+)with a 4 year old daughter told me she often felt uncomfortable when playground parents would ask her the same question. At the time, I was shocked that anyone would ask.

Although it’s normal for Israelis to ask personal question even when they barely know you, she looks so young that I was surprised that anyone would think her a grandmother. True, when I was born my grandmother was only 45, but somehow people tend look younger, longer these days.

When people ask other awkward questions, I usually have a ready reply. The most common question I get when people find out my kids are adopted is, “What do you know about his/her real mother?”. The answer is “I AM THE REAL MOTHER!”. Sorry for yelling.

I should probably expect to be asked “mother or grandmother?” more often now that I have a new toddler, and time continues its assault. I will happily accept suggestions for snarky replies to use next time this happens.I’ve tried thinking of a snappy answer, but nothing comes to mind.

No thumbnail this time for what should be obvious reasons.