I can’t seem to stop crying for my little girl. I adore her and hate to see her suffering so much. Karen’s behavior deteriorated to the point where she alienated almost all her friends during the summer. She was verbally and physically abusive towards them on a regular basis. I didn’t know where to turn.

We decided to graduate from the social worker she’s been seeing, and have begun parent meetings with a clinical psychologist who specializes in children with oppositional behavior. On Tuesday Karen will accompany both of us to meet with the psychologist. We’ve already met with her twice to provide background.

School just began, and we talked to Karen about this being an opportunity to start all over again, even if she is with some of the same kids, and most of the same teachers she had last year. So far, so good. I called her teacher to ask how things are going, her answer, “not all that bad”. I was hoping for more, but happy that so far she has only had time-outs for being disrespectful, and not for any physical aggression.

She is a fantastic little girl in so many ways, and can charm anyone when she wants to. Don’t take my word for it, a recent doctor’s report included the comment, “a wonderful little girl”. And she is. But she is also a child who has poor impulse control and is very young in terms of her emotional development.

Lately she has gone beyond telling me she wishes she had a different mother, to saying she wishes I was dead. It wasn’t a one time thing either. She has even gotten creative and occasionally wishes that I or a friend would “burn up” other times she wishes we would jump out a window. At least that seems to have stopped since the school year started.

My next post will be a positive one about Matan’s adventures at starting a public pre-school. So far, he seems to be handling it well.