I’ve been searching for Palestinian blogs without much luck. Mostly, I’ve been disappointed when the Palestinians turn out to be living in Canada, the US or Europe. Although at least one Canadian Palestinian is a goldmine of fantastic content. If you haven’t read him, you really should take a look at Nizo’s blog. He has a unique viewpoint, but is hardly representative of Palestinian public opinion.

What I really want are blogs where I can read the opinions of Palestinians in the territories. So many people claim to speak for them, and so many others claim they know what the Palestinians think, so why bother reading? I want to read what they are saying, whether it is for public consumption (in English), or, more of a challenge, in Arabic (thank you Google Translator!). I want to know what the average, educated, Palestinians are saying. It interests me because we Jews have so many blogs spouting so many different opinions, I want to understand the similarly differing opinions among the Palestinians.

Imagine how happy I was to find THIS blog. Gazamom is Laila el-Haddad, a journalist and a Palestinian from Gaza a mother of 2. They were living in the US before recently returning to Gaza. She’s a good writer and seems to give a fairly accurate picture of the situation in Gaza, from her perspective. She was also eager to meet other Gaza bloggers, and recounts the meetup she had with all 7 bloggers described in this post. I haven’t yet had a chance to check out the other bloggers’ sites.

I’m linking to her blog out of courtesy and respect. I just hope she doesn’t think I’m following her for political reasons. While I may not agree with her, I think we can learn a lot from those with whom we disagree.

My recent reading, has given me a hint at how Arabs view Jews and Israel. It’s really a shame that they can’t easily travel here and see the truth. An Egyptian blogger and NGO worker did document his visit to Israel and Palestine. I found his descriptions wonderful. He allowed me to truly see Israel through the eyes of an Egyptian. His posts from the trip can be accessed on the sidebar of his blog, The Traveller Within.