The time has finally come to chart a new course and begin working again. I got an offer, via LinkedIn, that included the flexibility and part time work I need to ensure the kids get the attention they need. I’m fairly excited to be working in a start-up situation where everything is possible. I’m also thrilled to have an opportunity to work in my profession and in an area that interests me while getting really great flexibility. Not having to worry about not enough time with the kids should greatly reduce my stress and allow me to focus on learning the job.

But how to manage our schedules? Both children really need me this year. Matan is still in his first year with our family, and he isn’t speaking almost at all. Karen continues to exhibit oppositional behavior, something we need to deal with now since it will only get harder without treatment. We have Matan’s occupational therapy Thursday mornings, Karen’s psychologist Thursday afternoons, Karen’s gymnastics class Tuesday afternoon and Karen will also be starting with a tutor to ensure she is completely ready to start and excel in first grade next year. I have Sunday, Monday and Wednesday afternoons for that. But it also means I need to remove Matan from the apartment so Karen can spend valuable time with the tutor. Matan also has weekly speech therapy on Friday mornings.

These are all my “immovables”. I needed to find a way to work around the absolute most basic times I need to be available for the kids. I also need to be with them until they go to bed at 8 pm. Prepare dinner, bathe them both, and somehow still be able to fire up my computer in the evenings to “catch up” on work and leisure reading. But DH is also thrilled for me. True, he liked having me home and knowing I had full responsibility. He knows that me going back to work means he’ll also need to be even more involved. Still, he agrees that this is an excellent opportunity to gently ease myself back into a full time job.

I am so thankful that not only have I been able to find a job in this economy, but that I was fortunate to find one where they see the value I bring them, even with my mommy responsibilities. I will most certainly repay the generosity by working smart and efficiently.

Being a mom requires constant juggling, whether we are working or not.