I saw this job posted on a local website. I began my career with tech companies as a marketing writer, so I’m always interested to see what has become of the profession since I studied journalism many years ago. I thought the job posting was a bit preachy to begin with, but when I saw the salary, I immediately thought, “I have to tell someone about this. They won’t believe it”. So here I am, posting about it. They pay $4 USD (FOUR US DOLLARS) per article. They must write 6 a day. $24 dollars a day. And they have the audacity to remind you that it’s a work from home position, so you save on commute time and costs! Is anyone else outraged? With their emphasis on perfection, I would have thought they could have at least proofed this posting.

Content Writer Position

We are a financially stable, growing Internetcompany that specializes in content creation. We’re an International company with employees in the US andIsrael. Additionally, we have thousands of outstanding articles that need to bewritten.

To be a writer with us, you’ll have to have areliable Internet connection and computer. When you have technical issues, you’ll need to go to anInternet café or some other location with a reliable connection.

As a writer with us, you’ll be required towrite a minimum of 6 articles a day, 5 days a week (3 a day part-time). However, many writers complete 10 +articles a day. We will supply youwith the titles in the morning, and you’ll send them back to your team leaderby the end of the day. You are responsible for editing andproofreading your own articles. They should be submitted without any mistakes.

We pay once a month via PayPal, so you must have a PayPalaccount.

We’re currently people that can write “How-To” articles thatfollow our AP Guidelines, which you will learn about during your training.

The writing positions with our company are long-term, fulltime positions for reliable writers. This is not a short-term or temporary position.

We pay $4 per article. Take into account that this a work at home job, so there is no commutingtime or cost.

We’re only looking for reliable and dedicatedindividuals. This is a real job,and we expect our employees to be online during the agreed upon hours.

Please send yourresume and a unique writing sample to: (email omitted)

All Interviews will be conducted over Skype.