I have had the good fortune, recently, to have met several people over social networks who hold spiritual values similar to my own. I have always been independent in my views. Born Jewish, I’ve studied and been greatly affected by Buddhism and many of my views are in line with the message of Buddha and many other teachers of his path. I also very much like the message of Christ, as a teacher, but not his divinity.

By nature, I think I’m an atheist, but I do sort of believe in Karma. In some ways, Karma is like G-d. In monotheistic religions, most believe G-d judges. My understanding of Karma is that what goes around comes around, or that by acting negatively, you generate negative energy that comes back to bite you on the ass. Maybe Karma can be seen as not so much a judge, rather a process.

As you may have noticed, my spirituality is fluid, and doesn’t work well with concrete beliefs. For example, reincarnation is an interesting concept to me. I don’t necessarily believe in it, but I can suspend my lack of belief in order to accept reincarnation for the purpose of better understanding Karma and spirituality.