The kids are alright now, but last week we had emergencies and antibiotics for both of them! I had enough antibiotics to fill up my veggie bin in the fridge. It seems the sicker they get, the less they/I/we sleep.

I missed work last week to stay home with one, and then the other. It’s terrible to have to take days off when I haven’t even been there a month, but such is the life of a working mom. When they’re sick, our neighbor can’t babysit them because she can’t risk her own kids catching it. Teenagers are in school, so I’ve got to find a babysitter who is out of school and doesn’t have kids of her own. Once I find that rare creature, I’ll need to pay her a higher hourly than I earn!

Now they are feeling better, but the antibiotics suck. Karen’s moodiness got much worse. Got a call from one her friends’ mothers just now. She called to let me know that Karen kicked her daughter 3 times today…..because she wouldn’t share her cereal with Karen. I had specifically asked this mom to let me know if anything happened after her daughter came directly to me to tell me that Karen had punched her. Karen is asleep, so it’s too late to talk to her about it now, and if I bring it up in the morning, it means she will probably have another lousy day at school. Lousy for her can be anything from smart mouthing the teacher, to punching or kicking another child. I’ll need to talk to her about it tomorrow after I pick her up from school. Talking doesn’t help. We will sit and create “I’m sorry” gifts, but that doesn’t do much either. I can ban play dates for the week. I can take away her gymnastics class for this week. But that’s about it. What else can I do?

Oh, and if you’re wondering why a teacher didn’t call, so am I. The girl Karen kicked said that the assistant teacher who saw it told her it wasn’t a big deal, and that she is fine. I hate getting calls from the teachers, but I hate even more having to find out from someone else. It’s irresponsible of them not to call me, especially since they know Karen is in therapy for behavioral issues, the worst of which usually occur at school.

Our therapist isn’t an occupational therapist, and I’m wondering if we need another person to work with her. I’ve been reading about how carrying heavy things is good for kids with poor sensory integration. They sell weighted vests and other things like that. I can just make her carry her own backpack for a change, I guess….