Parenting can be so overwhelming, especially during the holidays! Matan is still young, so most of our Hanukka excitement will focus on Karen. We started with a Hanukka party at school on Sunday. These events always focus on a show that the kids perform. Karen usually gets upset, and refuses to participate, even though her teacher says that she has the entire routine down. Something about doing it in front of the parents makes her nervous. She has a gymnastics performance next week. I never push her to do it if she doesn’t want to. She’ll be ready for the gymnastics, but it will be up to her trainer to convince her to take her place, if she gets stage fright. But I don’t think she will. She has always enjoyed her gymnastics performances.

In addition, she has two theater plays over the next 7 days and two birthday parties to attend this week. Which brings up another issue. It’s that time of year again. Karen will be six in January and this year we need to celebrate in January, not March like we did last year. We had no choice then because we were stuck in Ukraine on her last birthday, waiting for Matan’s passport.

So I again welcome any suggestions for a party. Right now, we are looking at two options. Either invite up to 15 friends to our apartment, and hire a couple who do a chocolate adventure theme, or take her entire class to see a movie. We have a nearby theater where you can rent a small screening room and arrange for popcorn and other goodies. Last year, after much agonizing, we did a pajama party. Our whole living room was paved in mattresses and Karen invited 10 girls from school. DH and I arranged everything and guided the girls through various activities. They incredibly rowdy. It was nice to see that all her friends were capable of behaving as wildly as Karen. DH absolutely refuses to do it again, lol. So this year we’ll hire it out, somehow.

P.S. I just noticed that on some of the older posts, the photos are doubled, and the layout is awful. I switched WP themes a couple of times and it seems to have affected graphics.