I lost my job today, and felt kind of numb after having it formally confirmed. Didn’t really have too much time to think about it since I had to pick up Karen and take her, through heavy Hanukka traffic, to her therapist, where we all played cards together.

I heard something on the news about a forest fire, but with Karen whining and me trying to navigate crazy Tel Aviv traffic, it didn’t even register. Not until after I got home, got the kids to sleep and turned on tv to watch the news. The size of the fire raging in the Carmel is like nothing I’ve ever heard about in this country. It has been a hot, dry year, and we haven’t seen more a few sprinkles here and there. It’s almost surrealistic after all the disasters our government is always prepping for. I was actually surprised when they announced that Greece, Spain and some other countries will pitch in to help us fight the fire. There was a catastrophic earthquake in Turkey about 10+ years ago. Israel sent search and med teams to help Turkey save people trapped in rubble. Today Turkey announced that Israel was responsible for Wikileaks. It’s a crazy world.

Maybe the fire is our Karma for how we treat the earth.

I soooo feel like pigging out on gourmet ice cream, but we’re all out :-(

update: Turkey did send aid. I take back that last comment.