I still haven’t had adequate downtime to lie in bed reading a good book and eating ice cream. I did pick up a few new books and am so hoping one is good enough to keep me engaged while all about me is falling apart.

Good news, I have managed to get Karen two visits with Matan’s occupational therapist for diagnosis. We also have a sensory integration questionnaire to give her prior to the meetings. I feel pretty comfortable that if Karen does have sensory integration issues then we will soon be able to start treating her. It’s being done through our health insurance – a huge savings. We are already seeing a private therapist because of her specialization in treating pediatric emotional issues and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. A private OT with extensive treatment plan would be hard unless I go back to work full time. We got lucky because they are already treating Matan. They turned down our original application requesting a developmental workup for Karen earlier this year.

The head of the occupational therapy team kept reminding me that just because Karen has emotional development issues or ODD, it does not necessarily follow that they are caused by sensory integration problems. I guess this is true, but I also think that in addition to some perhaps unrelated emotional issues, she may also have extreme behavior in part due to sensory integration issues. I would really like to know for sure. Even as we begin examining this route, she has become supersensitive to clothing and nothing is comfortable for her. I remember that as a five year old I had similar issues, so it’s probably fairly normal, but she hates the seams on her socks and can’t seem to wear any socks with shoes without wigging out. We expect it to rain in the next few days, we we’ll have to find a solution to the sock issue. Underwear is the other main problem. Also, most pants unless they are very loose. She has been wearing sweats and dresses, two extremes, to school every day.