Fairy of Purim Past

Less than two days until Karen’s SIXTH BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!
We adopted her just after her second birthday, so her first party was her 3rd. Each year it’s a balancing act between giving her the spectacle she thinks she wants, and the small size that she needs in order to retain some semblance of sanity. She is easily overwhelmed by too many people, noise, and the unexpected.

We’ve told her the bare minimum to help her get to the starting point relatively intact. She knows it will be a “Fairy” party and that her own personal fairy will be attending. She’s big into the fairy theme since losing her first tooth and getting a surprise present in exchange for her tooth. But she has already voiced skepticism and thinks I may have planted the gift. But then I pointed out that her tooth was missing, and so the tooth fairy MUST have taken that. She seemed to buy it, but maybe she just wanted to spare my feelings. She’s very wise, and notices all kinds of small details that she will use months later!

So we’ll be having a Real Live Fairy manage the party, which takes a lot of the pressure off us. We’ve got pretty much everything prepared. This year will also include a pinata. Fortunately, they are now fairly easy to buy at local party stores. We bought a rainbow design. They didn’t have fairies. Girls will arrive and begin decorating their own set of fairy wings. Later they will also make magic wands out of breadsticks and melted chocolate. The girls will have a mission, to help the fairy find her lost magic. I love our fairy, and Karen has good chemistry with her – she was Karen’s English teacher 2.5 years ago. Did I mention, I’m VERY excited. Please, please let everyone stay healthy, at least until Friday night….