A couple of weeks ago it was the tooth fairy, and this week we had a visit from The Birthday Fairy, Ronny. Ronny used to teach Karen English, but has done children’s parties, on and off for several years. I already knew that Karen had good chemistry with Ronny, and she turned out to be a fantastic choice for our party.

One thing we’ve learned is that a complete surprise doesn’t always sit well with Karen, so I “leaked” some details to her. She knew I had planned for a fairy to visit her birthday party. She also helped me by handing out the invitations at kindergarten. We invited only the girls, which kept the number of participants to a reasonable 10-14 girls.

Ronny, decked out in fairy gear, showed up a little early so she had time to play with Karen and get her warmed up by giving her an overview of what games they would be playing. Karen clearly recognized Ronny, and told me she knew all along because she had overheard one of my phone conversations. By the time the girls started arriving we were all starting to relax. DH was the most stressed out, as usual. Biggest fear of all parents > no one will show up. All but 2 girls attended, and some of them came up to me on Monday to tell me how much fun they had.

Ronny managed the whole event, leaving DH and I to putter around with bringing out the cake, filling juice cups and generally hovering and taking photos. Unfortunately, the photos this year came out terribly. My new camera does not appear to like taking indoor shots. I should ask DH for a new one for my birthday, and pass this one on to Karen. She really loves taking pictures, and would love to have her “own” camera.

The theme included lots fairy magick. Ronnie lost the fairy magick and the girls had to complete several steps to return the magick. They made wands out of bread sticks covered in chocolate which they each decorated with all different colors of candy and sparkles. We had a pinata at the end. It was lots of fun, but was the only time we had a minor meltdown. We’re doing really well with only ONE meltdown on her sixth birthday. For number four, we must have had at least 4-5.

All in all, a success. Now we can begin worrying about what to do next year…..ideas always welcome.