Matan managed to expel the chunk, or chunks that were blocking him up. He’s back to normal now. We finally got almost six hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. Now Karen has a fever and some coughing, but seems to be fighting back pretty well. I know we should have gotten flu shots, but when I went to set an appointment, I was told they are all out and would only have vaccinations available in about two weeks. Now that we’re back in the timeframe, Karen’s sick. I had hoped to take them both together and get it all over with in one unpleasant visit rather than try to take each separately. Still not sure the best tactic.

Then again, maybe we’ll forget about shots. Dr. Barak is against flu vaccinations and has an alternative remedy on his blog (in Hebrew). His solution uses a homeopathic flu medicine called Oscillococcinum. I don’t usually go for homeopathy, but I know several people who swear this specific remedy. I’ve used it myself and can’t say it works any less than the allopathic vaccine.

Update: Dr. Barak has been kind enough to visit this blog, and post his flu recommendations in English. If anyone wants me to translate his entire flu vaccine post, just know that I’m a terrible translator, but if you need the info, and Google Translator isn’t sufficient, let me know and I’ll put some work into it and post a translation. Dr. Barak has given me approval to translate.